Accounting and financial reporting web platform

About this project

Country: the UK

Year: 2019



Flagship Reporting is reporting software with an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface. It was built mainly for accountants and finance professionals but will be of great help to anybody who has to deal with financial statements. The key characteristic that sets it apart from other applications of its kind is the ability to generate clear and concise management reports within minutes, which saves time and effort for the user significantly. This characteristic was put at the forefront by our customer when we started working on this project.

Flagship Reporting is a scalable application. It supports a wide range of capabilities, from basic accounting functionality like widgets, general ledgers, charts of accounts, invoicing, account reconciliations, accounts payable, financial reports, comments, drill downs, KPIs, design elements, etc., to a set of advanced features such as Report Hub, Aged Debtor Report, Consolidations, Eliminations, Adjusting journals, Top 10 (show sales for top 10 customers), etc.



Flagship Reporting was the first project for us to go into production during the lockdown at the height of the pandemic. It was a very unusual experience. While working on the project, the team had to change the model of work and interaction algorithms, but everything went well. The deadlines were met, and the application was released despite the crisis, COVID, and other difficulties.

It was great to see everyone involved in the project at the application release party held via Zoom. We had the opportunity to listen to the feedback from the first customers and make sure that no pandemics can stop people who want to create something new.



Our Client Searle Goott is a chartered accountant and a seasoned accounting professional. His thirty years’ experience as a financial director for a number of companies allowed him to form a clear idea of what a financial reporting application should look like. After trying every possible system available on the market at that time and finding none that could completely meet his requirements, he decided to build an ‘ideal’ application that would be able to solve the tasks other accounting software couldn’t. He defined the needed functionality and a lot of his colleagues in the community supported his ideas. This was the first set of requirements that we saw when we met Searle.
During quite a long business analysis stage, we tried to present the application in its entirety and in the smallest detail, understand how users would interact with it, think over all possible scenarios, and, most importantly, exceptional situations. All these findings were presented in the form of graphic design with an intuitive UX. Our engineers designed the technical architecture of the solution. Our goal was to come up with a solution that would not require significant investments at the start (after all, it went about a startup that started from scratch), would be scalable, allow working with a large amount of data, and would not require expensive support in the future. And it looks like we’ve done it!
After three months, we made the POC, and the system started to attract the attention of potential customers. After another six months, the MVP was ready, and the system had its first users and investors. And now, after a year and a half of hard but interesting work, the first release of the system is available. Currently, the team continues developing and adding new features to the workable and stable application which already has got great feedback from its first customers.

The Team

Professionals in different fields of expertise were involved at all stages of the project: managers, business analysts, UI / UX designers, Front-End and Back-End web developers, DevOps engineers, DBA, testers, and test automators. Some of them were engaged throughout the project; others joined the process to accomplish a one-time task. Together they did their best to make this startup successful. Currently, five people are working on the project.