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Published on November 24, 2021
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Fact file

Wonga used to be the largest payday loan company providing its short-term loan services online. Founded in the UK in 2006, it became the first company in the world that fully automated risk processing technology and the lending process in general. This saves Wonga’s customers the trouble of meeting with bank managers, doing a lot of paperwork, etc. The only thing needed is a computer, tablet or mobile phone and a mobile application. Such an approach makes the company especially attractive for tech-savvy young people who previously used banks to borrow money.

Nowadays, Wonga operates in Poland and is integrated with a large number of third-party services.

Brief history of our cooperation


Our cooperation started in 2015. Polytech Software was hired to help develop a loan management system integrated with a specialized risk assessment system. As a result, with the help of Polytech Software’s developers the client built a scalable system capable of saving borrowers’ data, customer requests, information on any credit ever given, generating informative reports, etc. The solution also allows detecting fraud, managing blacklists, and approving or canceling transactions.
The loan management system has a lot of other features that improve and facilitate credit management.


Today, Polytech Software is involved in Wonga’s product backend development and also in testing the system. Overall, more than 50 people are engaged in the project, with 20+ software developers and testers from Polytech Software.

Before the Coronavirus hit, the team had gathered every quarter to plan, discuss new functionality, agree on architectural and algorithmic solutions, and discuss issues of product implementation from the point of view of business processes.

After the lockdown started, the team had to work on the project remotely. As a result, all meetings were held online.

The long-awaited meeting

Over the years of joint work, the teams have developed warm and friendly relations. That’s why, when in November 2021 we finally got a chance to meet in our office in Kyiv in person, it was more than just a commonplace meeting of a customer with their contractor. It was a reunion of long-term colleagues and friends who hadn’t seen each other for ages and had a lot to discuss.

It was a big event attended by 42 people: 20 of Polytech Software’s employees and 22 from Wonga. The CEO, product owners, the web team, partner integration department, the UIX team, architects, and managers were among the guests.

Our meetings and seminars lasted for three days. Business representatives made a presentation of the results of work in 2021, presented business plans for 2022. We carried out detailed planning for the next two quarters of the year 2022, discussed business requests. Several workshops were held on the architecture and infrastructure of the system and plans for its improvement.

At the end, our developers and testers were awarded for their contribution to the development of Wonga’s projects in the “Rocket Science” nomination.

In October 2021, Wonga celebrated its ninth birthday. So we congratulated them on this holiday and wished them prosperity and success. 

A couple of uncorked bottles of champagne and the delicious Ukrainian dishes prepared in our corporate restaurant were the perfect end to the long-awaited meeting.

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