Free-to-Play sports betting platform

An enterprise software solution used by betting and media companies as a customer acquisition and retention tool.

About the platform

The platform is a framework allowing to create portals for free-to-play betting on any sporting events and competitions. Being a trending activity for gambling fans it provides them with an opportunity to gain some experience, practice, and study the most eminent gamblers’ strategies. Such portals are an integral part of sport’n’leisure betting sites and TV/Internet channels.

Technical requirements and implementation

Main engineering requirements for the platform include

  • scalability, 

  • easy integration, 

  • white-labeling option, 

  • operation speed (data loading and updating needs to be seamless and time-saving, without making the user wait),

  • performance, 

  • ability to process a large number of requests in an active period, 

  • and steady operation during peak loads. 

For the implementation we opted for PHP and Symfony framework, since it’s a reliable and relatively low-maintenance basis, easy to upgrade and adjust to suit the tasks at hand by connecting the necessary libraries (like graphics packages), or integrating third-party services.

Data caching algorithms ensure the processing speed. The interface is implemented with Vue.js and TypeScript.  

The team

Over the lifetime of the project, the team involved into development and maintenance of the platform has grown to 40 people. The project manager – Olga Sabokar, has a strong expertise and over 20 years of hands on background in software development and project management. 

The team keeps evolving to always meet the ongoing challenges of the project. 

We started with 1-2 developers working on the project at the stage of core functionality development, with the purpose of creating a structure open for maintenance, customizations and extensions. And that’s what we managed to do. Nowadays it’s common to hear about impelled porting of software to newer technologies, which is unfortunately caused not so much by the new technologies perfection, but with the old technology failing to cope with new tasks. It’s something this project never experienced: thanks to its efficient modular structure, well-structured code, and intelligent algorithmic solutions, it’s easy to extend existing code along with the platform capabilities and support over 30 “branched out” white-label projects in parallel. 

2020 gave the project a chance to demonstrate its ”quarantine-proofness”: when the demand on such online platforms drastically  escalated due to restrictions on offline competitions, the project successfully went through all trials of the increased popularity, significantly expanding its range of provided services, and transforming into a portal building unit for free play betting contests and social wagering.

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