Logistics and Transportation

Our contemporary world is very small. Nowadays, you get a good ordered on the other side of the world within a couple of days. For that, we should thank logistic companies. We worked with different logistic companies, including such giants as Kuhne+Nagel and Starbucks, as well as small companies delivering morning snacks so that you can have breakfast on your way to work. Logistic projects always have strict limitations and exceptionally high efficiency and quality demands, as the cost of a mistake can lead to money and customer loyalty loss. Polytech Software can solve such tasks effectively, though.


Completed Projects


How many specialist do we have


At Polytech Software, we help our customers develop advanced software products

Data science

The ability to leverage data has become key to ensuring effective business operation on the market. We analyze collected data to design models to predict future trends.

24/7/365 Technical Support

24/7 Outsourced Support for application developers and SaaS products.

Product Development and Consulting​

We build Dedicated Development Teams which are a critical component to our customers' product development strategies combining talent, empathy, intuition, and customer focus with proficiency in any programming language and tech stack.​

QA and Testing

Our QA department's thorough work results in reliable, user-friendly software. We offer both manual and automated software testing as well as a ready-made framework, which allows organizing automated software testing from scratch rapidly.

Salesforce Development and Implementation

We offer a full range of end-to-end Salesforce solutions being experts in taking care of routine tasks, developing functionality, fine-tuning the implementation, and providing support for applications developed on Salesforce platform.

Custom Software Development

Our team combines experience with the latest technologies and application models offering development services for less than you would spend doing it yourself.

How it works

Just contact us, explain the task or the idea of your project – and we are on board! We will analyze the task, offer our vision of the implementation, estimate labor and project costs, and finally, get to work.

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